By Partnering with TS Crown, you benefit from having the right people, at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.


Contract Staffing
A complex and ever-changing IT landscape requires the need for contract resources that have the experience and understanding to come into your organization and provide immediate value to your IT initiatives and ongoing support operations. For that reason, TS Crown partners with individuals who are true professionals, self-managed and who bring valuable perspective into our clients organizations in order to achieve their goals.
Full-time Placement
For clients who are looking to enhance their organization by recruiting professionals to become a member of their team, TS Crown provides access to top talent. Based on our insight into our client's organizations through our thorough, objectie placement process, we ensure that we place individuals uniquely qualified to provide long-term value to their organizations.
Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)
By engaging TS Crown to outsource the IT recruiting process, organizations will find their business transformed from an iterative, trial-and-error approach to a true partnership between the recruiting and the hiring team. TS Crown provides single-source accountability and a dedicated program team that delivers best-in-class results.
Recruiting Process Consulting
Our deep understanding of the recruiting process allows us to bring the value of our perspective to your organization. Through analysis of your existing processes and alignment with key metrics, TS Crown can demonstrte the process improvements that will reduce your costs and allow you to consistenly provide quality candidates from your recruiting process.
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